Midsummer Morning

Midsummer Morning

REF: 168

Price: £9,500

Midsummer Morning - F.H Scott after Henry Scott Tuke

This well executed oil on canvas after Henry Scott Tuke, Signed F H Scott, would appear to be contemporary with the original.
Far from being a mere copy this, by virtue of it's size and the signature, is elevated to an original work of art. We are at the moment unable to discover any details of the artist. There are some indistinct markings to the rear of the canvas and frame which may be useful in a more extensive enquiry. The original by H.S. Tuke measures 183.5 cm x 137.2 cm entitled 'Midsummer Morning' was painted in 1908 and sold at auction in 2003 for £270,650.
H.S. Tuke 1858-1929 Painted in a naturalistic style, and he favoured rough, visible brush strokes. He painted what he saw - there are no hidden messages in his works - what you see is what you get. He celebrates the beauty of male youths as he celebrates his love of the sea, sky and sailing boats. Breaking the mould of Victorian/Edwardian paintings with a moral, his plein air style challenged and broadened the diameters of his contemporaries.
Tuke was a founder member of The Newlyn School, and he was made a member of the Royal Academy in 1900, and a full member in 1914.

Height: 76.3cm
Width: 66.1cm