Paris Scene

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Oil on canvas by the elusive artist Burnett.
All around the world, in auctions, attics, art galleries, online, private collections – a Burnett Oil has been stumbled across or sourced. People have sourced Burnetts for their growing collection, been handed them down from grandparents, or claim to have bought the painting direct from him – or her.
The linking theme in each painting is of a French scene in oils. The name signed, although always Burnett, is found on the bottom left or right of the painting in either red or brown, always capitals, with one to two T’s and sometimes with an initial before the name Burnett.
It is this variation that sparked intrigue and debate between art dealers and auction houses around the world – from Christie’s to private art dealers and collectors. There are many a rumour about who Burnett actually is – and whether it was a collective of artists, or even a husband and wife duo – thus always signing Burnett.
The more convincing and concrete story is that Caroline Burnett was an American artist, listed in the who’s who of American Art, who lived and painted in Paris. She painted in the 3rd quarter of the 19th century, inspired by the scenes around her.

Width: 19.5”
Height: 23.5”

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