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Tantilising Feather

Tantilising Feather

REF: 095

Price: £3,500

This fine surreal seascape is from the estate of a wealthy importer of fine wines - it was discovered at his London address. The oil on board appears to be in its original frame. It is signed Buchel/Buchal/Bueh…..? We are unable to be sure of the signature. However, we can say that this painting is clearly in the style of Rene Magritte, the famous Belgian surrealist painter (1898 - 1967).
Our research indicates that it was painted around 1950. The deceased owner spent a lot of his time in Paris, & it is possible that he met the artist, liked the painting and purchased it there.
The subject matter would seem to suggest “The creation of life”, or with the tide coming in, “The fragility of life”…. The perspective and double shadow is interesting, perhaps a reference to past and present. We suggest the title 'Tantilising Feather'.
In any event a well executed and thought provoking work of art.

H: 61cm
W: 49.5cm
D: 5cm

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