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19th Century side table

19th Century side table

Price: £15,500


This delightful arabesque, hexagon shaped side table with cupboard is an outstanding example of islamic art. Profusely decorated with complex geometric inlay, floral arabesques and calligraphy using bone, mother of pearl and abalone shell. It is the true Islamic tradition. It is perfect - nothing can be taken from it or added!


The construction and decoration of the table reflect the belief of the make, consisting of geometric patterns, floral arabesques and calligraphy - no representation of human or animal is permitted.


The table is raised on six stepped architectural feet above which six unfitted Doric columns support the superstructure. One of the five noble orders of architecture the Doric column represents - reliability, strength and truth.


The hexagon (a six sided polygon) shaped table is a symbol of harmony, balance, strength and purity - the shape naturally occurs in nature. It represents the universe’s inherently symbolic order, imperium and infinities.


And there is more, as you enjoy this remarkable piece of furniture: Study the symbols and lift the veil of allegory, and more!


Height: 76cm

Width: 43cm

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