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Collection of Aviation Art


Here is our collection of aviation art - amongst which we have some oil paintings of various aircrafts that flew during the wars. We also have some later models, and are selling the paintings as individual pieces as well as a full collection.

This is a unique collection of 9 aviation works of art, all oil on board and depicting aviation history from 1916  to the late 20th century. From 'The Sopwith Pup' to 'The Concorde' the works of art are all signed  and dated, and the signature on each is Simon Orr. The markings on the planes are all authentic.


Simon Orr is a pseudonym, but as such he was a member of The Guild of Aviation Artists. The actual name of the artist is unknown but it is known that he served in the R.A.F during the Second World War as a bomber pilot. It is further known that trying to land his crippled plane after a raid on the enemy, the plane crashed, killing the crew and severely injuring the pilot.


The pilot, crippled from his injuries, assumed the name of Simon Orr and continued his work as an aviation artist. He blamed himself for the death of his crew and did not want any recognition as a pilot or an artist. So far as we know Orr died about 30 years ago.

10% of any proceeds made from these paintings will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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