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American Art Deco Chandelier

American Art Deco Chandelier

REF: 013

Price: £1,500

A unique electric cast bronze chandelier in the form of a six pointed star with an extra light in the centre making seven lights in all. Circa 1920.

Make of it what you will! This chandelier was made to order for someone with a good deal of cash and specific design requirements. The form has been used in history by many religions, philosophies and causes. It could be in the form of The Seal of Solomon, The Star of David or a Christian or Hindu symbol. It may well be Masonic. The more we look the more the six pointed star appears in history. Why 7 lights? Why three green and four red? We do not know; hours of research have discovered that this chandelier is a one off. It is yours to enjoy, representing whatever you wish, or just to enjoy its form and gentle light.

Height:34" / 86cm
Width:28" / 71cm

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