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REF: 065

Price: £8,500

A superb nineteenth century (Circa 1890) venetian carved, ebonised and exotically decorated blackamoor.
The turbaned and superbly dressed figure stands in his golden slippers on the prow of a gondola holding aloft in his left hand a tapered floriform torchier whilst in his right he holds a serving dish, a lavishly decorated cloth draped over his arm.
This handsome, Blackamoor is raised upon its original faux marble column decorated with gilt and painted tassels.
Since Antiquity images from the East and North Africa have inspired Western Artists. During the 17th century we came to admire the bravery of their warriors and the beauty of their women, they were taken into wealthy families as bodyguards, bearers and servants, their loyalty was second to none and dressed in their exotic native costumes they became essential elements at court.

Height of Figure: 62" / 153cm
Height of Stand: 28" / 71cm
Total Height: 90" / 224cm

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