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French Magazine

French Magazine

Price: £200


This is an absolutely fascinating French magazine about Deauville, printed in French in 1930. The magazine is called 'Deauville' - a famous town in northern France.

Deauville is renowned for its race course and gambling casinos and has always been a playground for the rich from all over the world. It boasts an excellent harbour where one can moore one's yaughts, in an area that also has safe swimming. It is interesting to note that smoking is forbidden in the casinos.

The fascinating pictures and cartoons depict many famous people and products, such as Helena Rubenstein, the famous cosmetics creator; Buick cars; and several famous hotels - some of which are still going today.

There is a very interesting selection of coloured cartoons which depict the life of aristocratic Deauville.

This specific edition was printed and dedicated specifically to the late Lord and Lady Frederic Wolverton.

This is a rare collectors item that would enhance any book shelf or exclusive magazine collection.


Slight damage to cover.


Height: 34cm

Width: 26.5cm

Depth: 1cm


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