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Pair of Chinese Cantonese Vases

Pair of Chinese Cantonese Vases

Price: £65,000


A magnificent pair of Chinese Cantonese vases on elaborately carved and ebonised stands. Late Quing Dynasty (1644-1911) circa 1850.


Most Cantonese porcelain was actually made in Nanking. During the Quing Dynasty, Guangzhou was the only port authorised to trade with European traders. Chinese merchants ordered white glazed porcelain wares from Jungdezhan and arranged for them to be decorated in Guangzhou. Canton is the old English pronounciation of Guangzhou.


The vases of traditional form are decorated with gilt Fo Dog handles above gilt Chilong. The neck and body of the vases profusely decorated with traditional court and other scenes including Oriental figures, within panels surrounded by floral and geometric decoration. Both vases are identical in form and decoration.


The carved tripodal dragon stands are of outstanding qualoty. Three carved winged dragons support each vase beneath a scrolling carved frieze, each dragon resting on an elaborate 5 scroll so as to emphasise graceful movement, raised on hairy paw feet conjoined by a pierced carved platform.


The dragons represent the 4 elements - water, wind, earth and fire - and they are the custodians of the seasons, thus symbolising propriety, wisdom and fertility. 


Total Height:194cm

Vase Height: 92cm

Stand Height: 102cm

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