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Painting of a nude Lady

Painting of a nude Lady

REF: 019

Price: £5,500


Painting of a nude Lady - Oil on canvas attributed to Dorothy Hepworth.


Dorothy Hepworth lived in Cookham Berks, England, with her partner Patricia Preece, who was actually also at that time the second wife of Stanley Spencer who was then a very famous painter. Patricia and Stanley never lived together. While Patricia was alive she did not allow Dorothy to sign herpictures because Patricia wanted the world tobelieve that she could paint almost as well as herhusband Stanley. After Patricia died in 1966, Dorothy became a very well known artist in her ownright and work has been exhibited in galleries all overthe world.


The famous artist Augustus John was afriend of Dorothy's and considered her to be anexcellent painter.


We have contacted the National Gallery archive and they have confirmed that the unsigned pictures were painted by the hand of Dorothy Hepworth.


Circa 1950.


Height: 34.75"/88cm

Width: 29"/73cm

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