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Postcard Album

Postcard Album

REF: 074

Price: £350

This is an extremely interesting, very large album containing about 440 picture post cards of places in southern England as they were between 1904-1914. Nearly all of them were to a gentleman who lived in Camberwell in south east London, from friends and relatives, and are complete with a P.O. date stamp on a green halfpenny stamp with head of Edward 7th who reigned from 1904-1914. (Note - to send a postcard now in 2016 it costs 45p.)
Some cards are of special historical interest - such as the house in Camberwell where Neville Chamberlain was born (Prime Minister of Great Britain from May 1937-May 1940). There are also other cards showing interesting events.

Height: 15.5"
Width: 9.5"

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