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"The Graphic Magazine" July 11th 1891

"The Graphic Magazine" July 11th 1891

This fascinating magazine cost 1/6p (or 1/6p 1/2p by post). It describes in meticulous detail the silver wedding of Princess Helena, 3rd daughter of Queen Victoria (later known as princess Christian) and her husband prince Christian of Scleswig-Holstein; and at the same time as the wedding on the same date there is the celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of the princess's mother and father who are HRH princess Louise and prince Albert of Anhalt. 


This magazine goes into the most extreme detail of the lives of the English and Eurpopean Royalty and aristocracy of the period, including a great many excellent photographs of them. 


The numerous adverts include at least a dozen products still going today including Cadbury's chocolate and Pear's soap. You might even find your favourite food here...!


The condition is extremely good for it's age - a bargain at £1000!



H: 41cm

W: 30.5cm

D: 0.5cm

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