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Victorian Stereoscope

Victorian Stereoscope

REF: 017

Price: £450

Very rare early Victorian stereoscope complete with 56
double stereo cards of very interesting places in
various parts of the world, plus some quite whimsical
cards. The cards are dated and some of the captions
are in 6 languages. Mostly published by Strochmeyer &
Amp; Wyman of New York. Photographers include J.W.
Thomas and F.S. Mann of Hastings.

Three examples of the image cards displayed here. The witty captions are:

'Oh! You naughty man!'
''Footsteps - 'My wife! Mum's the word!' '
'You bashful little creature!'

...Victorian pornography - some might say...

Measurements: Height (Open) 13" / 35cm
Width: 6" / 15cm

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